Friday, September 18, 2009

Start you'r engines!

This is the first day of 36hp Racing at the salt flats in Bonneville and there has already been a new record setting run in the SS(Stone Stock) class at 73.255MPH!

Here are the records so far, borrowed from Greg Urrutia on

"First runs today....

New record in Stone Stock (SS)
Glenn Patterson went 73.255mph in his Orange 58' Beetle.
Glenn wants to make sure I mention he is running a Ed Fall prepared carburetor.

Blackline 57
Justin Mcallister went 99.360mph in the DSS Class at the wheel of the borrowed Chip Birks car.
That number is 4 tenths off the record.

Bruchs/Anderson New Age 36 Turbo entry only had 8lbs. of boost.
They wired the waste gate closed and changed from the 28pci carb to a Weber DCNF.
Their next run in about 1/2 hour.

Still to run Britt (Roadcow) SS Super Beetle"

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