Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blah Blah Balh

Nothing is moving quickly around the OSS this week. We did pick up some 356 brake parts and drop spindles for a customer in Germany but have not heard hair nor hide from our engine guy. The "new" Hurst bus shifter should be in the mail and there are 4 more distributors at the rebuilders, so next summer show should be fun with all the ammo we will be bringing. Long weekend will hopfuly yeild some beautiful working hours so we can get the 54 rear end into the bastard oval. If not then at least there will be more than a few barley pops to go around.

Was also thinking of our old club that never came to be "Die Wandern" or the wanderer. Kinda of a club for people who like to move about, live in different parts of this or any country, never really staying in the same area long enough to be part of a proper club. More loosey goosey than a club with presidents and such. More of a brother hood of cats and dolls who want to help each other out, work on there cars and most importantly DRIVE THEM. Maybe we will put that on the front burner during the long cold winter.

Or maybe were just nuts to think we could deal with other people and should go back to hiding in the woods! : )

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