Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pretty piece of History.

During our OSS lunch we posted about the newly found Rometsch Porsche racer. Now that little gem is being restored at the Prototyp museum in Hamburg Germany. We here at the OSS had heard of the Prototyp museum but never took the time to seek out more information. Well that changed to day and we were VERY impressed by the multitude of beautiful cars being stored there. Now many of our neighbors across the pound may be familiar with this car but we had never heard of, let alone seen this amazing one off ride. Based on an early VW with a 25hp motor and one of the most beautiful bodies we have ever gazed upon. Not sure why the engine has a Bosch blue coil and later distributor, so we will have to take a little vacation to Germany in order to find out!

Pictures were "borrowed" from History of cars.

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