Saturday, September 19, 2009

Assault on the salt 2009

Well our inside sources, the interweb, tells us that there has been more runs this morning
on the flats in Boneville an a few new records set yesterday! It also appears that a few new
car have showed up either this morning or late last night. These include theDenzel powered Ghia and the Volksrama Split window bus... with no windows?!?

Looks like Roadcow has sold his 74 super(but not the motor) to Burly who is headed home with that jalopy in tow. The turbo powered bug(Bruchs/Anderson) seems to also be done for the year. So three guys out and two new car in.

Our insider tells us that the Ghia has made a first pass of 74mph... the SS(stone stock) record is 73.something so that is not very impressive. But at least it showed up.

The Volksarama bus has had some ignition trouble but reportedly it is now running on it own steam.

So the records set at this point are:

New Age 36hp
Bruchs/Anderson went 106.514mph to set a new Bonneville Record.

Blackline 57 went 102.495 to not only crush the Bonneville record but also set a new world record that was set in Maxton, elevation 400ft. The McAllister Bros. have now joined the elite 100mph Club. They offered there is a lot left in the engine and keep in mind this is in the borrowed Chip Birks car. They pulled the engine out to do a valve adjustment, check things over and fatten up the fuel mixture. They will be back out on the Salt later today when it cools off and the air is better.

**UPDATE Justin McAllister and crew have now gone 103mph!**

These records are curtisy of Greg Urrutia over at aircooled unlimited.

Well that appears to be all the new happenings so far this afternoon, it is currently 2:48 PM in Utah so there should be a few runs later this afternoon when things cool off a bit.

The OSS will keep you updated during our short breaks from slaving away on the beetle this afternoon.

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