Monday, March 22, 2010

Some pictures from down under 2010

We recently got the news that Greg Mackie and Stephen Muller were able to break some 36hp records over in Austrilia!! One in a sweet Ghia and the other in one of our favorite beetles we have seen in long time.

Here is the story from the horses mouth... or Greg's :


We have just returned from Lake Gairdner (salt lake) in South Australia, afrer a VERY SUCCESSFUL record meeting.

The two cars - both owned and built by Steve Muller - bettered existing records. Date - Wednesday, 10th March,2010.

Steve clocked 127.5 MPH in his Karmann Ghia - new Australian record.

I drove Steve's '56 Oval ( Stone Stock) to 75.1 MPH - new 36HP World Record (subject to confirmation).

Cheers, Greg"

So congrats go out to both Steve and Greg for there fantastic runs!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sale at the Shack!

Mud season is upon us and we here at the OSS are having a sale in order to push some of the projects forward! So without further ado here are the stars of our show...

#1 Bosch "383" with wire clips. Pretty sure the date on this one is 54. Comes complete with NOS rotor, black flat cap, points and new condenser.

$350 shipped in the lower 48


#2 BR9 1956-57 356 A distributor. Date code is 8M so August 1956 and it comes with no tune up parts. This unit has the same advace curve as the "383" but uses a standard cap.

$230 shipped in the lower 48.


#3 Bosch BR25 distributor. This is a proper distributor for a 1960 bastard 40hp bus motor. It has the same curve as the 010 distributor so it would work well on any hot vintage motor!! These come with no tune up parts has been fully rebuilt and i have 3 to choose from so ask for pictures!

$160 shipped in the lower 48


Bosch 019, fully rebuilt and ready to be put into service on your 36hp or 40hp motor!!

$150 shipped in the lower 48 Last one at this price!!


#5 Here is a set of New Judson compressor phenolic vanes that came with a Judson compressor that i had. They originally came from Split parts unlimited and are $100+ shipping

$65 shipped in the lower 48.

More to come later on and yes we here at the OSS will ship any of these items international!!

If you wish to make a purchase contact us at