Monday, September 14, 2009

Rebuild Part 2

So its time for the fun part of the rebuild. You could spend a bit of time crushing your fingers with some channel locks, pulling with all your might with a set of pliers and even vice grips... none of those will work to pull out those two little pins in the pivot ball!

The pins in question are sticking out of the big ball in the picture bellow(pivot ball). It is not one big pin so NO it does not go all the way through so don't try hitting it with a hammer, just pull each one out. The easiest way we have found to do this is by locking them into my vice and tapping on the shifter with a rubber mallet. FUN! But if you are not careful you can crush these little bit and in which case you will have to make some new ones.

Once you pull the pins the shaft of the shifter and the pivot ball and the shaft/ball the goes into the shift rod will come apart.

Now you have it apart and need to clean up thing and reassemble. But that is something that will be covered once you have had enough time to clean up all the greasy, grimy parts and paint that old rusty cage.

Stay tuned for more exciting rebuild action!

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