Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Big Game Hunt (part 2)

In the last installment of The Big Game Hunt we reminisced over the catch of the elusive Sapphire II. Though this was a grand hunt it left the Old Speed Shack in a bit of a query as to what should be mounted along with this little gem. In steps a mysterious gentalman who offers up a solution to our problem! Clocked in the shadows we were never to meet in person, no instead we were strung along from place to place searching for the answers. For 3 months this dance went on until one day a small package arrived at the shacks door. Not used to strangers with unexpected packages showing up at our door the OSS was a bit apprehensive of the courier and his parcel. Once it was made clear that the mysterious gentalman had sent the in lue of meeting face to face we begrudgingly excepted package. Once inside the shack we were able to see the wonders that lay inside the tiny box.

Low and behold it was the two Heco speakers that had we had traded some of our hidden stash for! So the mysterious figure had not strayed from our earlier deal, but had he simply sent the down them road less traveled or was there a more devious reason for there delay?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Secret Speed Project #1. (post 3)

The Old Speed Shack has managed to track down what was call by one friend "UnObtanioum"! So the SSP1 is gaining speed, or at least the parts are being collected. And if we are lucky maybe the little devil will be put together over the winter.

Here is a picture of the above mentioned "UnObtanioum"

Monday, June 22, 2009


A couple of weeks ago i was corresponding with Knechten from the Sechs Volt Garage, in said correspondence he mentioned the Hessisch Oldendorf VW show. So my curiosity got the best of me and i had to check out what the cool cats over the pound were getting into. Well damn, after reading the itinerary for Oldendorf i started feeling like the shows i have attending were missing a little something. Now don't get me wrong i enjoy enjoy a good car show, cruise in or even a simple gathering with cool old cars. The problem is they usually loose my interest after a few hours of walking around simply looking at the rides. Now here are a few show that look like they add a little umph to the experance.

Loanstar round up: Takes place in Austin which is a cool place any ways but there are also band, a party down town and even a guy cutting hair at the fair ground where the show takes place! Cars show up in advance and take over down town.

Hessisch Oldendorf: This is the show that Knechten over at Sechs Volt Garage is driving the beautiful 52 zwitter many mile to attend. 3 days of cars, music and partying! They take over down town with there VWs for a swap meet, life music, and then take a drive through the country side. Damn that crazy driving there classic cars! And the best part is there are Schwimmwagens that swim through the water.

Jalopy showdown: Now here is some fun taking old hot rods and kustoms on to a dirt track! Along with music and food what could be better. Best part from my view point is that it's only 6hrs from my house.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Litchfield is over.

Litchfield is over and the turnout was not to bad for such a rainy weekend. The swap meet was not overly impressive though there were more venders than last year. Here is the one item i picked up in hopes that it may be usable for one of the upcoming engines.

There was one 40hp Judson at the show, nice and complete, though it did have a problem starting up so I have to wonder how often it gets driven. Also have a buddy looking for a 40hp Judson kit so if anyone out there has one they want to get rid of let me know.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Old Speed Shack find of the week: June 14-21

In the never ending hunt for more old speed parts the OSS ventured on to ebay this week and found this little gem. This VJR4BR25 distributor would have been pulled out of a "bastard" 40hp powered 1960 Bus! Having the same advance curve as the infamous Bosch 010 distributor makes this an ideal distributor for a "big" horse power old speed motor. But due to it only being a one year only part it is more unique than it 010 brother and this is what the OSS strives for unique parts.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Secret Speed Project #1 (post 2)

Here at the Old Speed Shack we have a lot of things in the pipes right now. And much like my sink it all gets backed up every now and then. So just to keep the project fresh in my mind ill post a small update on the SSP1. It is a close up of the chamber and valves on one of the heads that will be used for this project. They are going to be taking a trip to the bead blaster and be rebuilt before they go on the motor but this is what they look like in there present state.

Any guesses to the valve sizes?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Spirit of the Competition" The 36hp Challenge

Are sponsor with in the "Spirit of the Competition" in the 36hp challenge? This was a topic of conversation in the Vintage Speed forum on The Samba last week. To me the challenge is/was about joe blow trying to go fast, similar to the 50s hot roders. But sponsor ship is not, in its self, a bad thing but WILL change this race similar to how drag racing was changed in the late 60s early 70s.

Ok off my soap box.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Litchfield Show this weekend.

The Litchfield show is this weekend and it seems that I will again be attending. I'm not a big "show" person but this one is usually worth the 2hrs drive. There will be plenty of time to dig around in the swap meet, hang out with some friends and look at the rides. Maybe we will even get lucky enough to see a trailer queen blow a tranny seal like last year.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The big game hunt.

One of the many big game hunts the OSS went on last winter was to find a radio for the beetle project. Now this would not be an ordinary hunt for something as simple to find as a Sapphire I or Blaupunkt radio. No-no, this hurt would be for some thing a bit more elusive, rare and interesting. But with the limited resources the north east has to offer this hunt seemed to be over before it started. So the help of a guide on the “other” coast was enlisted and to out standing results!

Here are some pictures of the magnificent beast:

Monday, June 15, 2009

When it rains it pours!

The coffers at the Old Speed Shack have been holding stead for the last couple of months, mainly because of the lack of interesting parts out there. But now with in 48hrs the parts have started to flood the email, the problem with this is that the gold reserve might not hold out! Guess its time to starting selling more parts.

Hum, two post in two days about rain, a coincidence???

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Old Speed Shack find of the week.

The OSS find of the week was this little beauty of a distributor, a VJ4BR8 that needs a little TLC and it should be good as new. TLC will be provided by tasb from the The Samba.

Here are a few pictures the wife snapped of the drizzy.


Rain has hit the north east and delayed work on the OSS Beetle. The wooden structure that passes for a garage has limited space for the car, tools and welding equipment so when it rains the pan has to be stored under the Beetle. This in turn limits the access to the inside of the car where the majority of the work is currently taking place. SO today we will break out the new OSS vacuum, clean our converted goat bar/ living quarters with the Misses and hope the rain goes away.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Secret speed project #1 Back?

Well SSP1 may be back in action! Only a week after it's near death and a few email with Charles at L&N Engineering this little devil may be up an running. Though the project could take upwards of 2 years to dig up all the needed parts and assemble the engine! But this is pretty common thing here at the old speed shack.

Oh yeah it has nothing to do with the kit in the picture!

356 helicopter ?

Today during the always to short old speed shack lunch break, yep i even have to eat some times, i was piddling around on and came across a 356 powered helicopter! Wooo! Now that was a pretty cool idea, though i can honestly say i would NEVER get in that contraption.

If you get a chance take a look at the above links.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hurst Water Slide Decal

Well at the old speed shack we decided that if we were going to rebuild Hurst shifter then we need something special to go with them. So this little waterslide decal was made up!