Friday, September 18, 2009

Another record is set!

It appears that this morning Justin, who recently totaled the 57 oval that he was suposto be driving, has broken the DS 36hp challenge record with a run of 102.49!

More on this and Justin's story to come!

*Edit* Burly, the man who runs the 36hp challenge, email updates and here are a couple on Justin and his beetle.

9/01/09 10:03 AM


The Blackine 57 ( www.blackline57 ) 36hp Challenger 57 beetle was destroyed in a low speed crash Sunday afternoon. The builders, Justin and Colton Mcallister were on a brief test drive less than two miles from home after adjusting the clutch when they hit a road depression at 50 miles per hour throwing the freshly finished 57 oval sideways. Justin corrected for the slide which then threw the car into the opposite direction, tucking the inside wheel and rolling the car five times. Colton sustained minor injuries but otherwise, both were unhurt.

Sadly, the Blackline 57 was totalled as seen in the attached photos. With less than five miles of street driving on the bug, their hopes for competing in the upcoming 36hp Challenge at the World of Speed with the car on September 16th were dashed. Fortunately, the powerful 36hp engine which has been detailed on many Samba Vintage Speed forums and in extensive detail on their website, was not damaged and now the young brothers are searching for a partner with a clean street legal bug in which to install the engine for the Challenge. This engine definetly has the potential to not only break the DSS record of 99.815 miles per hour currently held by Bruce Cook of North Carolina, but possibly even the all time 36hp bug speed of 103.496 miles per hour that was set last fall by the Bruch-Anderson NA36 turbo beetle.

The engine is certainly a "1" Club contender.

Our hopes are the boys will be successful in their search and be able to join us for the upcoming Challenge.

Burly Burlile

9/05/09 8:18 PM

Flash ! ! ! !

Tonights great news is that the ghost of Blackline 57 lives and will be coming to the salt afterall under the guise of Chip Birks 1960 drag racing street beetle.We are now expecting at least five 36hp Challenge cars to compete at this years World of Speed.

Two Utah drag racers, members of the Salt City Air Coolers VW club, have jumped in and volunteered their car and safety equipment to Justin and Colton to help bring their 2009 racing effort back to life. Thanx to both from all the folks following their effort on the Samba and Ultimated Air Cooled forums. Hopefully many if not all the the SCAC, Northern Utah Air Cooled VW Club and the VW club in Provo will come out to the salt and support their effort.

I just got off the phone with Colton and Justin and Chips bug is at A.C.E. and the turbo motor and trans have been removed and they are getting ready to start readjusting the equipment for the salt. All plans are go and if everything goes as planned, they expect to have the car on wheels and running by Friday. If anyone can accomplish the task, it is the hardworking Blackline 57 crew!

Burly Burlile

Here is a picture of the motor...

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