Thursday, July 7, 2011

Old but lacking the speed: Roadless 109

Thought not VW related the Roadless 109 "Forest Rover" has to be one of the coolest thing we have ever seen. Seems that the Canadian forestry department was having some problems with there Land Rovers getting stuck on trees, bolder or just in plain old ruts. So Roadless came to the rescue with this sexy on tractor tires.

With a top speed of 30mph this bad boy is lacking the speed part of "old speed" but when you think about it no VW based Baja could go where the Roadless 109 can, at any speed!

Here is a small demonstration of what this beautiful piece of machinery is capable of

Perhaps we will dig deeper into the unknown world of 4x4 land rovers and see what other nifty information we can uncover on the 109.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Almost forgot about Maine!

For those of us in the North East U.S. or South East Canada our one and only time trial event is being held this weekend in Loring Maine!! As we have mentioned before the old Loring air force base runway has been converted in 1.5 mile time trial track so those who have the need for speed can get it!

If you want some info on the event check it out here.

Oh and if you have never been to Maine you might want to invest in one of these.

They make getting around the rough country quite a bit easier!

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Only 2 months till World Of Speed out at the flats in Utah!
Here is a little reminder from Burly:

Hi 36hp Challenge and big block VW racers, pit crew members and spectators

Septembers World of Speed and the BIG Volkswagen land speed racer gathering is getting close! Just a touch more than two months to go. If you are planning to join us this year, please email me back and let me know your plans. Will you be bringing a car and how is the project coming along or are you coming to spectate or help one of the racers? Please drop me an email with your plans so I will know to to keep an eye out and make sure to let you know of any last minute salt racing updates. As of now, Utah is experiencing good hot temps and the salt should be dry or close to dry as we speak. I expect the course to be every bit as good as last year and will be attending next months SCTA/BNI Speedweek event. When I return I should have definitive information on the race course and will let everyone know by email.

I am also excited about a couple of visitors who will be joining us on the salt whom most of you will be acquainted with but have probably not met in person. This will be a great opportunity to enjoy a little one on one with these folks who make our hobby possible. And remember, R.K. Smith from Hot VW's is planning on being on the salt with us to cover the event as well. It is gonna be fun!

Again, please let me know how your race plans are coming.

May the Speed be with you..............................


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Progress in Okrasaville!

So in our absence here at the OSS the Okrasa Special has made some momentous progress. Thought the original concept for the ass didn't work as planned she is now getting a super sexy alloy dress! Check it out!

Dont try this at home!

Not sure why you would want to try this but it look like it would fucking hurt!

Here is a little video, borrowed from beetlejuice150, that i though you might enjoy.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Some monday fun.

Just a little something to get you over the Monday hump.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boys of summer.

Happy summer from The Old Speed Shack!!
We here at the OSS have been taking a bit of a break from ACVW and vintage speed and focused our efforts on getting our 1974 Toyota Hilux pickup on the road. As you can imagine, having a ½ ton pickup could be very useful for such things as junkyard digging, people hauling and drive in watching. It also serves as Mrs. Old Speeds favorite ride and she has been rocking the truck most days as of late.
Though we do not currently have a vintage speed build, the bastard 61 was sold over the long cold Vermont winter, but we do have lots of printed materials that need to be scanned and up loaded to our blog. We are again starting to follow the land speed races and other old speed activities from around the world. So we will keep you updated as things progress. Hibernation was nice but now that summer is here we plan on getting back into the action.
One final note, the OSS will be moving from… well the shack into a more metropolitan environment in the next month. This will facilitate more long drives for fun and less for work/food/nightlife. It is also causing us to down size our collection of part and books. Thus the OSS is having a summer SALE starting today, the first day of summer. All our Samba ads are OBO, so if you see something you like make an offer.
Here are the ads and have a grand summer!