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Latest updat on the 36hp Challenge

Just in case you don't receive or have not read Burly's latest update on the 36hp Challenge we here at the OSS though that it would be a good idea to go ahead and post it here.

"Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 12:46:52 +0000

Subject: 36hp Challenge Press Release WOS 09

The USFRA's 2009 World of Speed event on the Bonneville Salt Flats came to a conclusion Saturday afternoon after torrential rains early in the week, possible cancellation of all the racing activities and finally blue skies and sun, warm weather and great racing. A record number of thirteen Volkswagen powered cars, both air and water cooled, both gas and diesel, ran for top speed. There were streamliners, pick-ups, bugs, bajas, Formula Super Vees, a turbo powered big VW motored splittie bus(94.891 mph) and even a VW Lupo powered Honda Insight hybrid. All in all, it was a record event for Volkswagen land speed racing. This event also welcomed the largest contingent of VW spectators supporting the racers with folks from Michigan, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and elsewhere coming out to experience to aura of Bonneville and be witness to the Challenge.

The 36hp Challenge saw three new records set in the five available bug classes and a baseline Ghia record established with a Ghia equipped with a rare Denzel modified 36hp motor. Two new 36hp Challenge "1" Club members were initiated into the elite club which also consists of Dick Beith and Tom Bruch (yes, just four total !). The Blackline 57 project which so many folks have been following on the Samba and Ultimate Air Cooled Vintage Speed forums returned from being dead just three weeks ago thanx to Chip Birks who donated his street car for the effort to establish a new DSS (Vintage two barrel carb) category record of 103.056 mph and qualify for the "1" Club. Team Irelands Britt Grannis, along with the Beaver Geezers crew of three different drivers vied for the SS (Stone Stock) record with the Beav's Al Leggett eventually driving to a new 36hp record of 73.492 mph.

Tom Bruch and Gaylen Anderson brought their record holding bug back to the salt with more gear in the trans and a Weber 40 DCNF carb on top of the turbo and boosted the all time 36hp bug and NA36 (New Age 36) record to a new high of 106.514 miles per hour. The carb provided the power but ran out of fuel at sustained high RPM's and damaged the engine, preventing further speed run attempts.

Richard Troy worked on his 58 low-light Denzel Ghia back home in Northern California through half of the meet overcoming the normal pre-race obstacles that seem to pop up when time is of the essence, threw on the tow bar, drove through the night and arrived on the salt for the very last days racing. With no sleep and just a half a day to race, he tuned and with the Blackline/Birks crew helping taking care of small details, was able to not only get all his passes in, but gain membership in the "1" Club with two passes above 101 miles per hour topping out at 101.163 miles per hour.

Experiencing tradgedy and frustration, all the 36hp Challengers muscled through to set four new 36hp records and make the 2009 World of Speed the most successful 36hp Challenge event to date. Bruce Cook from North Carolina, holder of two of the records that were exceeded called to offer congradulations. At next months ECTA Maxton, N.C., meet, Bruce's Canadian 51 split will attempt to reclaim the DSS record from the Mcallister brothers with a Whitey Worsham tuned 36 engine and if that does not do the trick, he recently acquired an Okrasa set-up that will also enjoy Whiteys magic touch.

2010 is just around the corner and the 36hp Challenge just becomes more challenging. Hope you find the opportunity to view these little mighty mouse motors racing down the blackline or even participate with your bug, bus or Ghia. For more info and 36hp Challenge links, visit
or go to .

See you on the salt........................


Picture to come later!

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