Monday, September 6, 2010

Trial of a 36hp motor...

The Sechs Volt Garage has been one of our favorite VW hot-up publications for the last few years now but our 36hp VW motor has committed a crime against them and theirs, one that we will present today for you.

Exhibit one:

We had no way of knowing that under that beat and battered exterior that this work of German art was almost brand spanking new. How could we!!

Exhibit 2:

This is the generator that came with our $400 36hp motor we picked up off the webernet over a year ago. It seemed innocent at the time and we hold no regrets for our purchase,(she runs like a fucking top!), really how were we suppose to know?? And to that point how many 36hp motors that "some guy" in Florida is selling are equipped in such a way that one would commit such a hanus crime?

So in closing, we ask you the jury, to look past the 14v stamped into our souls and allow our darling 36hp to be one of the gang even if she is an unassuming 12volt motor.

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