Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thanks to the Monaro Motors Dual SU carburetor kit rebuild last year the OSS has found a fondness for everything old speed-Australian. Through the forum we have met a few vintage gear heads and learned about what craziness they are up to over in OZ. There seems to be more than a couple of well made/ DIY kits running dual 28PCI carbs down under. The DIY movement related to these old VWs is what makes this obsession with vantage parts and cars so much fun! . Cut, Weld, Drive… think that is another sites catch faze but that is what many of us are in fact doing. Yes those Okrasa heads are cool and that Abarth muffler is drop dead gorgeous but sometimes the fun in it is getting your hands, face and knees dirty! This is not to say that you need to build your whole motor, hell we here at the OSS are having a short block built by a por. Why you might ask, well because we don’t have enough time to finish the damn beetle let along build another engine! LOL But we digress, so if you have some time check out what our vintage speed brothers are doing over in Australia.

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