Friday, August 21, 2009

An engine is born!

Yesterday The OSS got a ring on our telly and on the other end of the line was our buddy down south M. Well during our ½ hour conversation M mentioned a 13oo cc euro motor/AR engine. Now the unit in question is one we had sent into the deep south more than a year ago and had been sitting on Ms back burner ever sense. After tearing into the 13oo, M discovered that most of the parts were like new and offered the engine to us in turn key form. (M is an engine builder/ Weber carburetor specialist who identity we are hiding to protect… well our sources.) So this was great news, a reliable engine from a builder you trust at a great price!... where is the catch???

The catch is that an AR engine case is a 13oo Dual Port motor made in 1975/1976, common in Europe but almost non existent in the US. So this would not be your typical old speed power plant. Though a 1300 is considered a good base for an old speed project , a 40hp motor can easily be upgraded and this takes a little of the charm out of them. And this gem has been upgraded with 87mm pistons and cylinders making it a 16oocc motor in reality. Pepy here, comes will all the bells and whistles including a set of OSS 40mm Weber IDFs that M has meticulously been restoring over the last year.

So this lead to a LONG discussion here at the Old Speed Shack on if a 13oo with a big bore kit was still an old speed motor. And hell this is ever a dual port!!!

BUT to have a reliable motor to push the rag around with would be a great thing. Guess we will just have to mill it over and come to a conclusion.

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