Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dog days of summer.

Well the Old Speed Shack has been slacking abit as of late. With two weeks of holiday, well part of two weeks, and 90 degree plus heat things have slowed down a wee bit. Though some of the final pieces have been ordered and some special items have been tracked down for next years swap meets. All that remains to be done to the car, major work that is, is to install the spindles, discs and beam on the front end, wiring the beast with the new “hot rod” wiring harness and installing the 54 transmission and 55 motor! There will be a lot of “minor” details that the OSS will attend to over the next year but if these loose ends can be tied off before the end of summer then we may even get to take it for a drive!

On a side note one item that we have swerved off the old speed road with is the new Airkewld front disc breaks… yep modern discs. We here at the OSS would consider this a crime, well except they are cool as all get out (slotted rotors with black oxidization coating!!!) and will allow us to change wheel patterns at the drop of a hat! Oh and if you pretend like you didn’t read this you would never know. : )

Now if anyone out there has any VW build pictures/stories they want to share send them over to theoldspeedshack@hotmail.com as we could use a little pick me up!

Picture borrowed from Waxhead on thesamba.com

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