Friday, July 24, 2009

Why swap?

Searching swap meets should be a treat but since moving our operation to the North East, and attending larger show, the swaps have been more of a disappointment. Yes, the internet has delivered a couple of major body blows to the meets but one should still be able to find things such as old (good/decent) horn buttons, distributors cores, books and maybe if you go early a good decklid or two! We are not looking for a perfect Hurst Bus shifter, no just something that can be taken to the shed and with a little love, used. We much admit that there are some nice shells that could be cut up for parts or MAYBE a resto but for the most part the last two years have brought little to nothing of interest, Well unless you are looking for a used set of Beetle brake drums that the vendor says are Thing drums.

So keep an eye pealed at the your next VW show we may be out there in the crowd pedaling a couple of little gems. But don’t expect to get them for a rusty fender! : )

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