Friday, July 3, 2009

Old Speed Shack find of the week: June28-July3

The hunt continues! This week we have now completed the trifecta of Bosch old speed distributors, the "383". Along with the VJR4BR25 and VJ4BR8 the OSS can now see which advance curve will work best on the Secret Project #1. (VJ4BR8 advance curve is the same as the Bosch 019 and the VJRBR25 is the same as the Bosch 010 BUT these were bus distributors.) There are still a few distributors from other cars makes that we will also try but that is for another time. Now the 383 was used on 25hp VWs and split case 356 and has a rather fast curve compared the to the stock vacumme advace drizzy. So this litte treasure is packed up with its brothers and will be rebuilt by tasb.

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