Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mobil Gas Rally 1958

One of the more interesting old school racing events would have to be the Australia Mobil Gas Rally from the late 1950. We’ve posted an article or two on this rally in the past and from the evidence its easy to tell that most of the roads were… well not up to modern standards. Ruts or ditches move to mind though they were mostly just dirt. Being in the woods of Vermont we here at the Old Speed Shack understand dirt roads and how much fun they become when you add water. Of course this is in a vehicle that has been prepared for such an environment not a late 50’s sedan with torsion bar front end and limited ground clearance!!

What brings the Mobil Gas Rally to the for front of our minds some 50+ years later is an article don’t by Japanese Nostalgic car on the two Datsun’s entered in the 1958 installment. Almost as incredible as a beetle winning this race in 1957 is these two Datsun 210’s were able to basically go around the continent of Australia and have survived intact till this day!!! As mentioned in the article these little devils were stored until late last year when they were put back to running order and put on display.

Perhaps these little guys surviving the last 50 years is not as impressive as the Prototyp Museum resorting some rust bucket that as been rotting in your dad’s basement for the last 50 years BUT it is up there. So go check out the article as there are some fantastic pictures and more video.

And thanks for enjoying another little odd piece of old school racing with us here at the Old Speed Shack!

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