Wednesday, August 1, 2012

cha cha changes...

That's right folks the winds of change are blowing the Old Speed Shack right off its foundation. In the words of Mr. Bowie, Cha...Cha... Changes!

First was our epic move from middle of nowhere Vermont to our uber urban nwe home. Gone are the days of relaxing in the "shack" listening to Tallest Man on Earth or some hippy jam band, now were right smack in the middle of Radio Birdman! Shande trees traded for hot asphalt and back porches.

Secondly the OSS now has a partner in crime that has experance working on the VWs cousin. With our new acomplus we will be venturing into the relms of SMALL displacment motors that are more... fitting for city life. Yes readers there are smaller displacments that our punny 36hp VW motors!

So stay tunned and we will update as soon as things start to develope.