Monday, August 31, 2009

Sechs Volt Garage is at it again.

Knechten at the Sechs Volt Garage sent over this picture of what they were up to this weekend. Oh nothing much just painting this little 1950 type 1...yep it make the OSS very jealous to see SO many nice cars parked in there stables. Humm, one of these day we might have to move the shack to Norway.

Thanks for the great picture and all the great builds!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hurst for your Bus

Today we got an message from our local courier and inside were some not so detailed pictures for our next Hurst rebuild. From the pictures it looks like some one has tried to rebuild this unit at some point. In their "rebuild" the made a wooden guide block to replace the cracked white plastic one. NICE! : )

Keep an eye out it may go up for sale on The Old Speed Shack's Industrial Surplus page.

The Old Speed Shack will be cruising.

Next summer the OSS bastard oval accelerates it will be done in style! This week our pedal cluster, powder painted glossy black, arrived fresh from its rebuild by Scott. And no more than 2 short days later a brand spanking new cruiser pedal arrived from our norther neighbor Russ. And since we are still on the talkie of our new motors to show up we went ahead and put these two together.

Looks sweet and now the clutch pedal does not wobble up and down any more!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Movie time.

This weekend at The OSS we will be patiently waiting the arrival of a small piece of film to wow and amaze. Our vignette will show the front runner in the OSS new engine sweep stakes. In reality this was not a sweeps stakes, or were we even shopping, but since we have managed to barter a few bobs and bits the price was right.

One of the few things that will need to be added to the engine will be a set of dual carbs. And thus we will be going reopening the file on The OSS Secret Project #2.

Picture from The Samba

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Knechten's new muffler.

The OSS talked to Knechten over at the Sechs volt Garage and here is a picture of his awesome new muffler!


It would appear that there is a new 36hp motor in the works for the OSS Beetle. So no worries about running a 16oocc motor! At this time there is not a whole lot of information to give on the high powered engine but it does come with a very nice stainless steel muffler!

More to come later.

Picture from the samba through it would appear to be from Time Life magazine.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rebuilt and ready to rock!

Just back from there round trip to... humm think it was Colorado, are the Bosch BR25, BR8 and 383. Here are the first three rebuilds from the Old Speed Shacks buddy tasb and they are looking great! Next we simply need to finish off the 61 beetle and test each of these babes out.

Which is your favorite, mine if the 383.

It appears that we forgot to take a close up of the BR8 so guess we will have to jump on that tomorrow. : )

Friday, August 21, 2009

An engine is born!

Yesterday The OSS got a ring on our telly and on the other end of the line was our buddy down south M. Well during our ½ hour conversation M mentioned a 13oo cc euro motor/AR engine. Now the unit in question is one we had sent into the deep south more than a year ago and had been sitting on Ms back burner ever sense. After tearing into the 13oo, M discovered that most of the parts were like new and offered the engine to us in turn key form. (M is an engine builder/ Weber carburetor specialist who identity we are hiding to protect… well our sources.) So this was great news, a reliable engine from a builder you trust at a great price!... where is the catch???

The catch is that an AR engine case is a 13oo Dual Port motor made in 1975/1976, common in Europe but almost non existent in the US. So this would not be your typical old speed power plant. Though a 1300 is considered a good base for an old speed project , a 40hp motor can easily be upgraded and this takes a little of the charm out of them. And this gem has been upgraded with 87mm pistons and cylinders making it a 16oocc motor in reality. Pepy here, comes will all the bells and whistles including a set of OSS 40mm Weber IDFs that M has meticulously been restoring over the last year.

So this lead to a LONG discussion here at the Old Speed Shack on if a 13oo with a big bore kit was still an old speed motor. And hell this is ever a dual port!!!

BUT to have a reliable motor to push the rag around with would be a great thing. Guess we will just have to mill it over and come to a conclusion.

Picture borrowed from

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dog days of summer.

Well the Old Speed Shack has been slacking abit as of late. With two weeks of holiday, well part of two weeks, and 90 degree plus heat things have slowed down a wee bit. Though some of the final pieces have been ordered and some special items have been tracked down for next years swap meets. All that remains to be done to the car, major work that is, is to install the spindles, discs and beam on the front end, wiring the beast with the new “hot rod” wiring harness and installing the 54 transmission and 55 motor! There will be a lot of “minor” details that the OSS will attend to over the next year but if these loose ends can be tied off before the end of summer then we may even get to take it for a drive!

On a side note one item that we have swerved off the old speed road with is the new Airkewld front disc breaks… yep modern discs. We here at the OSS would consider this a crime, well except they are cool as all get out (slotted rotors with black oxidization coating!!!) and will allow us to change wheel patterns at the drop of a hat! Oh and if you pretend like you didn’t read this you would never know. : )

Now if anyone out there has any VW build pictures/stories they want to share send them over to as we could use a little pick me up!

Picture borrowed from Waxhead on

Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Old Speed Shack Blog!

After a week of Holiday the OSS has set up a new blog that will highlight the extra VW speed parts, and other interesting bits, that we have laying around and need to move to a new home. SO if you are looking for parts for your build check out "The Old Speed Shack: Industrial Surplus" and you might find a little something you need.