Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The race to end all races.

Pulling ourselves out of our winter hibernation, highs in the 20s, for just a moment to tell you about why the Europeans have MUCH better car show.

Here is the legend of the very special car race.

On cloudy summer day while working in the dark recesses of the Oldtimers OldSpeed club a group of mad scientists come up with the perfect “race” to lead into Bad Camber and they called it the Cannon Ball run. The race was to powerful to be contained by one group, and as any good end of the world movie will tell you, it escaped to infect the rest of Europe. This caused insolent 50s Beetle, 356 and couch built owners to go mad with the desire to race across Germany to see whom could be the first to BC. So the wise Oldtimer Oldspeed club set up a start point of 100km out from the show on some of Germanys pretty back roads for an all out sprint to the finish.

It looks as if there will be multiple classes to allow for cars of different displacements to have a fair fight. . Well as fair as a Beetle Vs a 356 could ever be. So if you are going to be in Germany next summer for BC you HAVE to check out this race. Or even better get off your tush and get that old VW or Porsche in this fantastic race!