Thursday, August 19, 2010


The OSS has been going through some changes over the last few months, selling off lots of our excess parts, working in a rented garage and coming ‘this close” to finishing the bastard 61 beetle. Some of these were good changes, others had to happed and the latter is fucking great! Now the “garage” we have been using is not a shack persay but it was used as a barn for chickens up until the late 80s, so I think that may count. The concrete floor is an upgrade over the dirt floor in the shack, no more parking on a tarp while we are here. Don’t get us wrong the bug will be back to the shack soon and then off to the warehouse for the deep winter sleep. Oh dirt floor how I have missed you…

With more of the collection sold off we are now focusing on the winter motor build… or it may be a spring motor build. But either way it will be a strocked out 36hp, nothing too wild. No sirE, more of a 50’s inspired cruiser/speed trial car/street drag(though there will be no street racing cause that is stupid!) We do love the “get up and go” that some of these young wiper snappers have shown when modifying the 36hp VW motor and truly we would be bored to tears if we had another stock Wolfsburg West Okrasa build. So what do we do, well as always we follow our own drum, and our little drummer boy is a bit off. More on his craziness some other time though.

Any of you vintage speed guys that want to share your projects with us feel free to get in touch and let us know what is goin’ on!


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