Monday, March 22, 2010

Some pictures from down under 2010

We recently got the news that Greg Mackie and Stephen Muller were able to break some 36hp records over in Austrilia!! One in a sweet Ghia and the other in one of our favorite beetles we have seen in long time.

Here is the story from the horses mouth... or Greg's :


We have just returned from Lake Gairdner (salt lake) in South Australia, afrer a VERY SUCCESSFUL record meeting.

The two cars - both owned and built by Steve Muller - bettered existing records. Date - Wednesday, 10th March,2010.

Steve clocked 127.5 MPH in his Karmann Ghia - new Australian record.

I drove Steve's '56 Oval ( Stone Stock) to 75.1 MPH - new 36HP World Record (subject to confirmation).

Cheers, Greg"

So congrats go out to both Steve and Greg for there fantastic runs!!

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