Saturday, December 5, 2009

Blown 36er...

Here is a nifty 36hp with a blower, pretty sure it is located in Germany but we have not done enough research to know for sure.

Here are the specs, listed by the owner and borrowed from the interweb:

"first the AMR300 is on a 36HP engine driven 3:1 ..the engine has some modifications but same stuff like stock engine just improved the most parts + a cam grinded to porsche preA dimensions.
29,6mm inlet valves 28 outlet valves.
the engine runs but at the moment way to lean. but it pushes 0,9 bar =13 psi.
the engine has water/methanol injection what is in off position at the moment and i have no heating problems CHT goes to 125°C.
the engine goes like hell and i think it has something between 60-70 DIN PS. if the A/F ratio is perfekt i will go on a dynotest. at the moment the clutch can't hold the power."

And if that has wetted your whistle then check out this video of the little beast running down the highway.


  1. at first thanks to that beautyful blog with all the stuff i have it in my favorites since about 3 weeks.very well!
    it's my engine the most stuff was from the testing time.
    the video is without blower ;)
    the blower run now 14-15 psi and the clutch is now a 9 spring 180mm.
    in spring2010 it will have some new stuff on it and goes on the dyno.
    stock heads with better outlet valve in 28mm (nimonic), stock manifold with modifications for water injection. solex 34 pci carb at the moment but i will put a sidedraft carb on it to close the's an absolutly torquer! 13 psi at 1500RPM if wanted.
    if questions just ask