Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Big Game Hunt (part 2)

In the last installment of The Big Game Hunt we reminisced over the catch of the elusive Sapphire II. Though this was a grand hunt it left the Old Speed Shack in a bit of a query as to what should be mounted along with this little gem. In steps a mysterious gentalman who offers up a solution to our problem! Clocked in the shadows we were never to meet in person, no instead we were strung along from place to place searching for the answers. For 3 months this dance went on until one day a small package arrived at the shacks door. Not used to strangers with unexpected packages showing up at our door the OSS was a bit apprehensive of the courier and his parcel. Once it was made clear that the mysterious gentalman had sent the in lue of meeting face to face we begrudgingly excepted package. Once inside the shack we were able to see the wonders that lay inside the tiny box.

Low and behold it was the two Heco speakers that had we had traded some of our hidden stash for! So the mysterious figure had not strayed from our earlier deal, but had he simply sent the down them road less traveled or was there a more devious reason for there delay?

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